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How Do I Know if Soil is Good Quality?

As you research the right soil for your garden project, the science can be overwhelming. The questions are abundant, including, “How do I know if soil is good quality?” The more you read, the more you realize just how important soil is. Let’s break it down. 

Why Does Soil Matter? 

Soil is a key ingredient in ensuring clean air, water, crops, and more! It carries out five key functions: 

  • Provides stability and support for plant roots and buildings
  • Regulates water, whether rain, snow, or from your sprinkler system 
  • Sustains plant and animal life
  • Filters pollutants from the atmosphere and communities 
  • Transforms nutrients, like carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus

Is My Soil Good Quality?

While soil is of fundamental importance to the wider world, it’s also important to your backyard. When you have good quality soil, it will retain nutrients and be a fertile environment for living things to flourish. 

The US Department of Agriculture highlights the importance of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of good soil. Physically, good quality soil provides key stability to your plants. It also resists erosion that may be damaging to them. 

How Do I Know if Soil is Good Quality

From a chemical perspective, the best soil will have a good pH, foster needed microbial activity, and maintain the right amount of carbon, nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium. There is an overlap between the chemical and biological signs of good soil, but the most apparent sign of biological health is earthworms!

Can Good Quality Soil be Delivered?

While major home improvement stores stock basic soil across the country, purchasing from a local supplier is one way to ensure your soil is formulated according to local needs. 

Of course, everyone has their proprietary blend — the one that they think is best for the climate, plants, and the customer’s pocket — but we’re just being honest when we say Bountiful Soil is the right choice. After all, we make sure it has the right amount of grit and the correct minerals to ensure your plants thrive in Northern Utah.

Plus, we deliver throughout Weber and Davis Counties. So whether you have a big project or small, we are here to help. With Bountiful Soil, you can order just one cubic yard of soil, or as many as you like. Just put in your zip code to see a fair delivery fee and you’ll be ready to schedule your ideal delivery date.

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Soil is a vital and living ecosystem. It’s not where you want to skimp. You want good quality soil. But thanks to Bountiful Soil, you can experience convenient and affordable soil delivery like never before!

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