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Native Landscaping

Celebrating Utah’s Roots

What better way to demonstrate your commitment to Utah than updating the exterior of your home or business with native landscaping? While it can be incredibly fun to investigate the right plants of your yard, don’t forget to come back to Bountiful Soil for your high quality soil and decorative rock needs to finish the job.

Native Landscaping

Utah State University provides an excellent resource for learning more about plants native to Utah. It even includes suggestions for nurturing native landscaping with very little water! Another option is searching the USDA’s PLANTS database.

If you think native landscaping might become a passion project, you can really dig in by getting involved with the Utah Native Plant Society. You might also enjoy taking a community class that will help you plan the design of your yard or one that focuses on organic gardening.

Cultivating Native Landscaping with Screened Topsoil

Whatever journey is ahead of you, start it strong with locally developed, high quality topsoil. It’s more convenient than ever, since Bountiful Soil offers delivery to your Weber and Davis County homes and businesses. Schedule online and get back to your plans, rather than wasting time lugging bags of mass-produced soil from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Our high quality screened topsoil ensures that whatever you plant has the best chance to thrive. With Utah’s challenging climate, you’ll need all the help you can get! The last thing you want to do is have to replace it all next year because you skimped on low quality landscaping materials.

native landscaping

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Make sure next season is the one where you can enjoy the yard you’ve always dreamed of. Bountiful Soil is here to take care of you and your yard, especially if you have a busy schedule and are dreaming big. Whether you need one yard of soil, or a hundred, we’ve got your back.

Order online, or contact Bountiful Soil today to learn more about our local landscaping products that will ensure your native landscaping is here for many years to come.