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Decorative Rock Delivery

Local Xeriscaping Materials

As everyone’s grass yellows and the summer heat melts away any motivation to do yard-work, xeriscaping becomes more and more interesting. Northern Utah has the perfect climate for a decorative rock project, whether at home or for your business. And Bountiful Soil has decorative rock delivery to your door.

Decorative Rock

If you’re considering redoing your whole yard, or just one bed at a time, decorative rock delivery is a great way to get the ball rolling. This is just the jumpstart you need to tackle your looming yard project. 

Decorative rock doesn’t just look professional, it’s easy to maintain. If you’re going to DIY your yard project, at least get professional rock delivery. The alternatives just aren’t worth it! 

After all, you’re faced with two options: a home improvement store or landscaping yard. Either way, it’s going to take more time and be more expensive than delivery. 

decorative rock delivery

Alternatives to Rock Delivery

If you head to the store, you’ll be lugging an unbelievable number of expensive bagged landscape rocks around. From the store shelves to your car, from your car to your yard…you’ll be exhausted before you actually get started. Plus you have to think about the environmental impact of the plastic bags.

If you borrow a friend’s truck and head to a landscaping yard, you may be able to get a half or full cubic yard, depending on your truck’s size and load-bearing strength. However, you risk scratching up the truck bed — and don’t forget about refilling the gas tank! 

Professional Delivery 

You’ve got plenty of work ahead of you in a xeriscaping project, start with professional delivery. It’s more affordable than you think! 

Decorative rock won’t just look professional, it’s a cost-effective material on the front-end and long-term as you save water. With decorative rock, there will be no need to replace bark annually or spend time weeding. 

Plus, as more and more people move to Utah, water is going to become even more scarce — and expensive. 

Utah’s Delivery

Plan ahead, not just with decorative rock delivery, but a landscaping plan that takes seriously your time and budget. 

Bountiful Soil provides decorative rock delivery in Davis County and Weber County. Schedule online and leave the details to us.