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When to Start Landscaping Utah

It may feel like spring is never going to come, but it will be here before you know it. In fact, the best thing you can do in this long winter is make plans for a pivotal spring. We all know the summer heat will take over soon enough! Learn more below about when to start landscaping in Utah.

Landscaping Like Nobody’s Business 

When you plan things right, your neighbors will be wondering when you went to Wyoming and won the lottery…because it will seem like the whole project was run by professionals. But the truth is, drawing on the expertise of professionals is only necessary for a few parts of your dream yard to become a reality.

As a Utah homeowner or business owner, landscaping is a crucial way to make a good first impression. But if you start making plans while it’s still winter, you’ll be ahead of the rest of the competition. Besides, if you leave it “till spring,” it may never get done!

When do I Start Landscaping in Utah? 

The first task on your post-winter landscaping list should be fertilizing your lawn. Next, if you’re planning to add any deciduous trees, planting them in early spring is key for helping them establish a good root system.

When to Start Landscaping Utah

Then it’s time to think about your veggies and flowers. Some vegetables are especially reliant on being planted early in the spring; this includes onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli, and potatoes. And while you may think you’re off the hook with perennial flowers, those annuals need to be planted every spring!

Convenient Landscaping Soil Delivery

If all of this is starting to feel overwhelming, don’t stress…Bountiful Soil has already researched just what your soil needs to help plants thrive in Northern Utah. And we’ll bring it right to you, on your schedule.

As you make your landscaping plan for your Utah garden or yard, you can schedule a delivery of landscaping materials from Bountiful Soil. In fact, we don’t just offer soil, but rocks to fill your garden beds for the first time and rocks for water-wise landscaping.

Whether you need just one cubic yard, or a literal ton, we’ve got your back. This spring, prioritize your sanity, your budget, and the yard you want to enjoy all summer and fall. If you’re in Weber County or Davis County, book a delivery with Bountiful Soil and rest easy.

Order Landscaping Soil Online in Weber and Davis County, Utah

Now that you know when to start landscaping in Utah, you can start moving forward and getting ready for spring. Find out more info on our website, or contact us today with your specific questions. It’s time to plan for a successful spring and Bountiful Soil would love to help in anyway we can.