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Utah Soil Delivery

Soil is the most important part of your garden. In Utah, though, there are unique considerations to keep in mind. Before you pick up a few bags from the local home improvement store, think about the following for your Utah soil delivery. 

Is Pre-Bagged Soil Right for You? 

Suppliers generally sell soil in bags or bulk. While bags might seem convenient at first, they are still quite a bear to move – especially when each bag has to make the journey from the store aisle to the cart, self-checkout, and car. It’s exhausting just to type that. Plus bagged soil is less environmentally conscious than the alternative. 

The soil you will find at the store is also mass-produced to meet the general needs across the United States, not according to the specific needs of Utah’s climate. This means it simply won’t function as well as soil that is cultivated with Northern Utah in mind. 

Beyond all of that, purchasing soil by the bag is simply more expensive than getting it delivered. So really, the question you should be asking is: Why haven’t you considered soil delivery earlier? 

A Better Way

At Bountiful Soil, your soil delivery will be plastic-free, affordable, and convenient. Plus, it is custom-created with your yard in mind. Our exclusive blend is designed to handle the local challenges of soil conditions and climate changes. Ready to make an order? We offer Utah soil delivery, including in Weber and Davis Counties!

Utah Soil Delivery

Getting Started on your Utah Soil Delivery

First you need to determine how much soil you need. Start by measuring the square footage (or area) of the space that has to be covered. For those of us who don’t recall 5th Grade math, that means multiplying the length by the width. Then, consider how deep your soil should be in inches. 

One cubic yard of soil means one yard in height, width, and depth. Put another way, it’s 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Still doesn’t quite click? An average pickup truck can hold up to one cubic yard of soil. Now imagine spreading that over your project area. The general rule is that one cubic yard will cover 100 square feet, with a depth of about 3 inches. 

Once you know how many “yards” of soil you need, you can place on order on our site. Only need one yard? No problem. After adding a yard (or more) to your digital cart, you’ll add your zip code to see the delivery fee. Then you’ll simply choose your ideal delivery date.

Ready for Delivery? 

Some customers like to lay out a tarp next to the driveway, so the soil can be dumped there without any being wasted. Others recommend covering it with a tarp if you aren’t going to use it right away. That way, in the unlikely event of rain, it will be protected.

Have other questions? Contact Bountiful Soil today for more info about Utah soil delivery – right to your home or business.