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Topsoil, Mulch, Compost Delivery in Utah

Northern Utah Soil Delivery

Envying your neighbor’s yard is exhausting. But thanks to the experts at Bountiful Soil, there’s another option. In fact, the yard of your dreams could be just a click away. Bountiful Soil offers topsoil, mulch, compost delivery in Utah.

Topsoil, Mulch, Compost Delivery in Utah

If you want a luscious lawn, delicious homegrown veggies, or the pop of color only tulips provide, you have to start with high quality dirt. It’s true! Topsoil, mulch, and compost make up the very basis of your yard, providing key nutrients and structure that facilitates growth.

topsoil mulch compost delivery in Utah

Without the right soil, you’ll never have a yard that turns heads. But at Bountiful Soil, you can be sure to find the perfect amount of grit and the precise minerals to make green things thrive.

TopSoil Comparison

As you consider what type of soil you need for your project, you may get bogged down in the details. The biggest difference is between topsoil and mulch.

High quality topsoil is more rare than you’d think. You’ll recognize it as being dark, soft, and fine. What is less visible is that it’s the most nutrient-rich of these three categories of soil. Topsoil is made of a mix of sand, clay, and silt, and is the layer found between the surface and the subsoil. Despite the “top” in the name “topsoil,” it shouldn’t actually be the final layer in your project. Enter: mulch.

Mulch comes in many different forms; bark, wood chips, shredded yard waste, and sawdust are all types of mulch. In addition to looking good and helping protect vulnerable roots from the harsh sun, mulch is also effective in controlling weeds. Most important of all, it helps retain the moisture your plants so desperately need. It even helps the soil maintain the right pH level.

Champion Compost Delivery in Utah

Compost, by comparison, is a processed form of mulch; in this process, pollutants, weeds, and pathogens have all been eliminated. It won’t be lumpy or uneven, but will be the perfect play space for earthworms, the heroes of the dirt world.

The thing about worms, though, is that they are a bit picky. Not only do they need food, moisture, and oxygen, it has to be the right temperature. Without all these elements, worms will go elsewhere. On the flip side, in one acre of land, rumor is there can be more than one million worms – if conditions are right.

Let’s figure out, together, how to get those worms to your yard. After all, they are the the ones who wriggle around between the topsoil and the surface, creating the perfect structure for plants to grow and leaving behind nitrogen to nourish them.

TopSoil Project Perfect

Whether you’re more excited about a worm farm or making your neighbors jealous of your heirloom tomatoes, soil delivery is in your future.

A cubic yard (or a hundred) is easy to order online….way easier than loading up bags at the home improvement store. Just type in the delivery zip code to see a fair delivery fee and you’ll be ready to schedule your ideal delivery date. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?