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What Difference Does Screened Topsoil Make?

We Bring Topsoil to You

As tulips and dandelions pop up across the Wasatch Front, you might be wondering how yet another planting season has crept up on you. It seems like there’s never enough time to get your outdoor project going! If you’re ready to make this year different, consider screened soil delivery. What difference does screened topsoil make?

What Difference does Screened Topsoil Make? 

You might be thinking, “Why does screened soil matter? What difference does screened topsoil make?” There are two major benefits to screened topsoil. 

First, one advantage of screened topsoil over unscreened soil is that it’s more user friendly. When all the sticks, stones, weeds, and chunks of dirt are screened out, you’re left with a smooth soil that is easy to spread around.

What difference does screened topsoil make?

Second, screened soil ensures even growing. Thanks to the screening process, you can expect a uniform soil that will evenly produce crops, grass, or whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re planting hydrangeas, potatoes, or dill, high quality screened soil is the right place to start. 

Using Screened vs. Unscreened Soil 

Unscreened soil is excavated and passed along to the consumer without much fuss; this doesn’t mean it’s not useful, just that it has a more narrow purpose and function. While unscreened topsoil isn’t very suitable for growing plants, it can be used for the following: 

Filling holes in landscaping

Creating a base for a raised garden bed

Installing fixtures, like fence posts 

On the other hand, screened soil is useful closer to the surface. Consider the following uses for screened topsoil: 


Growing a lawn

Planting vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees

Filling planters and flower pots

Using Screened vs. Unscreened Soil 

When you have the right soil, the possibilities are endless for what you can grow in your yard! Get excited, and get soil delivery. 

Rather than lugging bags of soil home from Lowe’s, spend your time getting ready for your backyard adventure. After all, it’s way more fun to select seeds, make a garden plan, and mix up some ice-cold lemonade. Or you might need to pick out garden gloves and the right sunscreen for your skin. 

You’ve got plenty to do to keep you busy, leave the dirt to us. 

Order Screened Topsoil Today!

Ready to take on your yard, thanks to the convenience of soil delivery? Look no further. It’s affordable, environmentally-friendly, and, of course, screened. 

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