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When to Start Gardening Utah

If you’re wondering when it’s time to start gardening in Utah, it’s time! Get ready to start seeing little seeds growing in the warmth of the indoors, so they can be ready to plant when it’s warm enough. It’s almost gardening season!

When To Start Seeds Indoors?

If you are dreaming about a summer enriched by fresh bell peppers, herbs, garden-grown lettuce, you better purchase your seeds and get moving! This handy almanac lists key dates for starting your seeds in Northern Utah.

Once you’ve gotten your seeds started, it’s time to plan out what you’ll plant where and how many landscaping materials you’ll need. After all, you want to make sure to have enough space for all the yummy summer foods you’ve been missing, plus flowers and any beds you’ll be converting to water-wise landscaping.

How To Plan your Utah Garden

You can get inspiration for some gardens or try your hand at designing your own with these handy tools. To be fair though, nothing beats pen and paper; you can easily start by looking up your property on google maps, then sketching your yard, including existing and future garden beds.

When to Start Gardening Utah

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out some of Weber State’s Continuing Education classes and get the help you need to grow herbs, prep your garden, explore preserving, or even “Design a Backyard Paradise.”

The Landscaping Materials You Need, Delivered

Even with a plan in place, there’s a lot to do when it comes to your yard. But that’s where Bountiful Soil comes in! You can easily schedule affordable delivery of landscaping materials to your home or business on our website! This includes gravel, high quality top soil, river rocks, and so much more.

Tracking down the materials you need on your own will exhaust you before you’ve even started working outside, and when are you supposed to get that done anyway? Luckily we can bring the soil or rocks you need right to you, and it’s cheaper than you’d think.

Don’t Let Summer 2023 Get Away

By scheduling deliveries, you’re going to be able to stick to your garden plan, you know, the one you’ve always dreamed of and will be working on all spring! Now you know when to start gardening in Utah. Previous years it may have been out of reach, but you can make this summer different!

It’s not too early to start planning your garden, and with the help of trusted professionals like Bountiful Soil, make this the year it comes to life.